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Eco Cnc Router

Versatile: routing, drilling, cutting, side milling, edge chamfering, etc.Boring unit optional.
Features world top class mechanical and electronic components, e.g. Japanese servo driver and gear reducer, Italian high power automatic tool changing spindle, French low-voltage electrical components, which guarantee stable performance and high finish quality.
T-slot vacuum table with great absorption strength—absorb on multi-zone or clamp with pop-up positioning pin, it is your call.
Drilling  head , Pop-up position pins optional. 
Furniture: ideally suitable for processing cabinet door, wooden door, solid wood furniture, panel wood furniture, windows, tables and chairs, etc.                       
Other wooden products: stereo box, computer desk, musical instruments, etc.
Well-suited for processing panel, insulating materials, plastic, epoxy resin, carbon mixed compound, etc.
Decoration: acrylic, PVC, density board, artificial stone, organic glass, soft metals like aluminum and copper, etc.
★All of these models can be customized according to customer requirements.